Yalian Studio Network  is a platform where leaders skilled in Film Making, Acting, Singing, Script Writing, Dancing, Digital media, Production, etc  connect and network to create solutions through the lens which will lead to sustainable economic growth in Africa and beyond. Coming, from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, we believe in building the Africa we desire to see in the near future through active media networking, implementing action plans and collaborating for change.

We seek to use this platform as an opportunity discovery platform for youth in Africa and across the world. Youths across the globe have trusted Yalian Studio Network as the most effective and easy to navigate platform to find great media content and latest opportunities such as scholarships, fellowships, conferences, essays, competitions, calls for applications etc for free and avail important educational contents for consistent self-development. Yalian Studio Network will provide best media content beneficial to society growth and relevant information on the Best Global, National & International opportunities for Africans around the world.

What we do:

Yalian Studio Network, covers event (videography), film making, movie and music production, media training, script writing, and provides quick and instant access to uncountable opportunities to millions of youth. Yalian Studio Network believes in development through advancing the causes of the youth and promoting youth development through available and easily accessible opportunities. Our goal is to assist young people in translating every opportunity into success and bridge the socio economic gaps. Yalian Studio Network works diligently to create a linkage between opportunity seekers with opportunity providers for mutually beneficial development through information sharing.

Why we do it:

At Yalian Studio Network, we believe that the media industry has a major role to play in the society and  ‘Access to Information’ is not a privilege but a basic right. Despite the great advancement of Media configs, and Information Communication Technology, there exists serious lapses in media content that could affect people positively and also awareness levels among youth especially in Africa about different existing opportunities pertaining to youth development. As a result, millions of youth are missing out on important chances for self-development in form of education, international exposure, training, and employment. Yalian Studio Network, is working constantly to build global awareness by making quality media content and sharing opportunities to ensure free and equal access regardless of geographical location.

How can you help?

Yalian Studio Network consists of Media content, scholarships, fellowships, exchange programs, international internships, call for applications, projects, conferences etc. The aim is to provide all opportunities under one giant umbrella. Support Yalian Studio Network by sharing our website www.yalianstudio.press address to your personal, social and professional networks!

Why should you join?

Thousands of youngsters across the globe are joining and following Yalian Studio every day as they find the platform to be an asset and quick platform to their personal and professional development.

The five main reasons why you should join Yalian Studios:

  • Opportunities  to start a good media career in film making, acting, singing, photography etc. 
  • Free access to hundreds of international opportunities
  • Get easy connections with successful local and global young leaders.
  • Grants you the opportunity of direct communication with opportunity providers.
  • Free and unlimited access to educational resources, suggestions, advice and support from experts.
  • Share your ideas, leadership quotes, articles, success story etc with millions of youth.




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